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An interview with Antipati

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Antipati is one of the finest new, young, oi! bands from the Stockholm region. I really like their sound and gave them a corker of a review in my old blog. Check them and their upcoming album in swedish out!

Oftb: How and when did you form Antipati?

Robban: Me and Radar formed Antipati in 2006 after Contemptuous was broken up. We asked in Johan of Headed For Disaster and Pelle who then was with The Contract and later became a member in hardcore act Dobermann Cult. The rest is history…

Oftb: I know, from his blog, that the lead vocalist Robban listens to a lot of french oi!. Do you look to France for inspiration in your music and if so, where else? Now that you have a record in Swedish coming out, do you look to old Swedish punk (not just the oi! bands) for influences as well?

Robban: Of course we get influenced by what we listen to, and on the new recording there’s a song that I would say is obviously influenced by Bombardiers (every one else who heard it says it sounds like Ultima Thule though). I listen to a wide range of punk, oi! and related sub genres from the mid 70’s to present day; swedish punk too.

Oftb: You share members with quite a few other bands (most of which I like) do you, when you make music, think “this song is suited for Antipati” or “this song is suited for the Radars” or do you just not give a fuck and play what you like?

Robban: At the moment and for the latest recording I wrote most of the songs. Johan wrote a few of the tunes and Radar wrote one. Radar’s creations are almost always written for The Radars nowadays (which is fine with us). Me, Radar and Johan is in Agent Bulldogg with the original members Thomas and Jens who decided to give it a go for as long as it’s fun. Radar’s main priority is The Radars (which again is fine with us). Dobermann Cult is playing gigs again this summer after a long break up, so Pelle will be busy there. Me and Johan has got a small side project called Projekt 9 with members from Poor Old Slugs, The Lost Boys, The Lowlifes and Frenzy Four too.

Oftb: I know Robban is heavily tattooed, are the rest of the bunch into tattoos as well?

Robban: I’m actually only tattooed where it’s easily displayed, I save the places where it hurts the most till later. I’m not much into tattoos any way, I only like ugly tattoos, UK ‘82 glue sniffer style. From now on I’ll only do ugly ones. The good looking professional ones are for the great pointless mass of hats, caps, ordinary people and celebrities, thanks to the this-and-that-Ink TV shows and various trends within the punk scene.

Johan: I’ve only got two, I never seem to make up my mind on what to do next…

Oftb: What do you think of this years elections in Sweden? I know you are very critical of politicians. Will a gov’t under Sahlin do better than Reinfeldt?

Robban: I don’t know really, but anything will be better than the weird mixture of liberal capitalist and conservative christian ethics that is run by Alliansen. Mona Sahlin is a strange choice really, no one has the slightest faith in her. If the red/green block looses the election I guess it’s due to their leader.

Johan: I totally agree. It’s mostly a question of who’s less bad, and how less deep they will stab you in the back.

Oftb: If you could see one Swedish band reform, which would it be?

Robban: Most bands have already reformed, but I’d say Puke or Akut Skjut. Or a one nighter with Ebba Grön full original line-up.

Johan: I just played drums with them =) But Attentat would be great to see once in my life.

Oftb: What do you think of this year’s Allsvenskan? Which club will win? Is anyone in the band active in the footie scene?

Robban: Couldn’t care less. No one is into football much.

Johan: My team’s not in there (hint)…don’t really care too much like Robert said.

Oftb: What must mr Hamrén do to make us qualify for the 2014 world cup?

Robban: Invite some young meat to the troop I guess. Who dares wins.


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April 28, 2010 at 11:57 am

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